Q: Do I need to take my wool dryer balls out after using them?

A: There is no need to take them out. However, when your balls are not in use, keep them in a well ventilated dry place and avoid storing them in plastic.

Q: Why my wool dryer balls pill after several times of use?

A: Wool dryer balls will pill, this is an indication they are working well. It does not effect the performance, if anything it creates more surface area which means a better dry and fluff!


1. Direction for using Nu Sheep Wool Dryer Balls:

bullet3 Use 3 wool dryer balls for small or medium load, and 6 for large load
bullet3 Put them into the dryer with your laundry
bullet3 Turn on the dryer

2. We recommend using at least 6 balls to get the best results, especially when you're looking to reduce more of your drying time.

3. A few more reasons why using Nu Sheep Wool Dryer Balls:

bullet2 They can be used in all makes and models of dryers.
bullet2 They are safe for those with sensitive skin and wool allergies because wool doesnt come in contact with skin.
bullet2 They are quieter than plastic/rubber dryer balls.
bullet2 They are completely natural and non-toxic, while plastic/rubber dryer balls often release chemicals when they are heated.

4. Initially they may seem pricey, but when you add up the energy savings, and any money saved on chemical fabric softeners (liquid, plastic/rubber balls or dryer sheets), then it's a great investment.

5. They are a great gift item as well, so keep them in mind for new moms, baby showers and the holidays!


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