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Nu Sheep Dryer Balls are handmade of 100% high quality New Zealand sheep wool felt. With no toxic chemicals used in liquid fabric softeners, plastic / rubber dryer balls or dryer sheets, they are better for your health. They are made to work by bouncing round and enhancing air circulation around garments in the dryer. This then enables for a quicker drying time which will reduce static, wrinkles, and make softer, fluffier laundry. By using less electricity and reusable for more than thousand loads, not only they help the environment, but also save you money.

Reduces drying time up to 25% (3 balls for small/medium load, 6 for large load)
bullet1 Solid wool felt balls help to untangle laundry while drying
bullet1 Lasts for a 1000+ Loads
bullet1 Completely Natural
bullet1 Replaces Liquid Fabric Softeners, Plastic / Rubber Dryer Balls and Dryer Sheets
bullet1 Saving You Time and Money



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