If you enjoy the smell of clean clothes straight out of your dryer machine, you might be shocked to learn that smell comes at a cost. The majority of fabric softeners - plastic/rubber dryer balls, dryer sheets or the liquid variety - contain lots of toxic/harmful chemicals.

According to an Environmental Health Association, both liquid and dryer sheet fabric softeners are "the most toxic product produced for daily household use." Most of the popular brands of fabric softeners contain numerous neurotoxins (substances that are harmful to the brain and nervous system) and other kinds of toxins. The basic argument in favor of using fabric softeners is that the amount of the chemicals to which a person is exposed is insufficient to cause harm. Research studies are revealing that even small amounts of these toxins can have serious impacts.

Fabric softeners work by leaving a residue on the fabric which never completely washes out. It can cause allergic reactions through skin contact and inhalation. When fabric softeners are exposed to hot water, heat from dryers or ironing, vapours may be emitted which can be deeply inhaled, increasing their impact.

How can you find the fabric softener which are least harmful, among the countless products on store shelves?


With no toxic chemicals used in liquid fabric softeners, plastic / rubber dryer balls or dryer sheets, they are better for your health. They are made to work by bouncing round and enhancing air circulation around clothes in the dryer, and they will absorb water from your clothes. This then enables for a quicker drying time which will reduce static, wrinkles, and make softer, fluffier laundry. By using less electricity and reusable for more than thousand loads, not only they help the environment, but also save you money.

A simple change in your laundry routine can save you time, money, protect your health, and help the environment, all at the same time. Replce chemical fabric softeners with Nu Sheep Wool Dryer Balls - The All Natural Fabric Softener - and see for yourself, you will be more than impressed!


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